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Tiger Mulch® is a unique impact absorbing surface that is made up of recycled forklift tires combined with a high-quality polyamide resin. The special livery Tiger Mulch® has a very natural look comparable to wood chips.

Tiger Mulch® is an impact absorbing surface and is NEN 1177 : 2008 certified. It is ideally suited as a base for playgrounds.

  • NEN 1177 : 2008 certified
  • Natural look
  • Recycled material and EPDM
  • Applicable in any situation


The base of Tiger Mulch® is made ​​from truck tires. This difficult to recycle material is processed into rubber scraps . In combination with a high-quality resin a playground surface has been developed with very good impact absorbing properties .

Sand and wood chips also have a natural look but require much more maintenance and replenishment over the years.

Tiger Mulch® is a quality product with a long life and is maintenance friendly because of the structure . This playground has already being successfully applied in Britain for many years.

In various colors

Tiger Mulch® is available in different colors and color combinations: Forest Mix, Mix Meadow , Green and Red Mix Mix . These color combinations are chosen so that the surface looks like wood chips and therefore blends in with the landscape. This allows us to create a natural appearance in any situation with the durable Tiger Mulch® playground surface.

Tiger Mulch® is widely used in natural playgrounds but also for walkways in zoo’s and public streets for example.

Applicable everywhere

Tiger Mulch® can be used in a natural landscape. Edging is not necessary, so we can apply the Tiger Mulch® in organic shapes. Also, it can be applied on slopes. Tiger Mulch® has good water drainage so it can be well used around trees and shrubs.

Tiger Mulch® is resistant to all weather conditions.
The surface is not slippery when wet. This makes it very suitable as a walkway. Also, wheelchairs and scootmobiles can use these walkways without a problem.

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